Wedding Dress Styles


This is otherwise known as mermaid style and is curvaceous and typically for the confident bride. This style of wedding dresses tends to hug the body tightly from the top to the knees where it now flares out. This is an ideal choice for those who have sexy body to show off.


This is also referred to as shealth. It is just simple, elegant and sleek; this also tends to hug your curves and accentuate your waist and hips. With this style, you may have to choose fabric carefully as it may not allow much room for hiding certain areas of your body where you have problems.


This is considered the most flattering and versatile of all styles of wedding dresses. It gently flares from the shoulders down and as a result, instead of clinging to curves, it skims them and this creates an elegant silhouette. This is one style known to create an illusion of height on a shorter body by elongating the torso.

Ball Gown

This is an ideal style for those seeking for full-on fairytale look. This is often considered as the most formal style of wedding dresses; it’s elegant and classic and is associated with celebrities and royal brides. It is also known to flatter a lot of figures and has a way of hiding large hips. This is one style to help bring to reality that Cinderella effect dream by creating a dramatic hourglass figure.

Empire Line

This has always been a classic vintage wedding dress and is cut with a high waistline sitting just below the bust. This can be an ideal choice when it comes to creating the illusion of length on figure so petite.

Bias Cut

This is another wedding dress that can be figure hugging if the right body wears it. One group of people really for this style is the very tall, slim and petite brides – it gives them a slim fit silhouette look. On the other hand the group of people not suited for this style of dress is the pear shape bodied ladies.

Choosing a Wedding Dress

Choosing the perfect dress for your wedding can sometimes be a daunting experience – the pressure of having the right one after going through piles and piles of dresses.

For a bride, her wedding dress is one of the areas during the process of planning for wedding that she will need to give a lot of consideration to. The first step always begins with bridal magazines and one of the many online wedding sites to browse for styles of wedding dress.

Visit the websites of as many wedding dress designers that you know – including the iconic Vera Wang wedding dresses that are so desired. Involve your friends and try out wedding dresses in local bridal shops.